About Otherwise Brewing

We question everything—except your tastebuds

Founded in the spirit of discovery

With all the creativity in today’s craft beer scene, why is almost every beer still made with the same mass-produced, commodity barley? What happens if we make beer without using barley at all?

Delicious things happen, that’s what.

In fact, there are so many good reasons to take beer beyond barley that we decided to launch an entire brewery around it!

Meet the Team

Aaron Gervais

Cofounder & Head Brewer

Stellar Cassidy

Cofounder & Head of Thirst Fulfillment

Our Core Values

Everything we do at Otherwise Brewing centers around these driving principles

Beer is for everyone

Traditional brewing malts have gluten, but gluten doesn’t play any important role in beer. So why not use ingredients that are naturally gluten-free? That way everyone can enjoy our beer.

Beer is for the planet

We use a much wider range of cereal grains than traditional brewers do. That allows us to reduce our environmental footprint by incorporating drought-resistant, low-water crops into our brewing.

Beer is better local

By steering clear of industrial malthouses, we’re able to support local farmers and malt producers while also giving us access to a wide range of unique and delicious flavors.

Beer is about diversity

There is no approach to beer or brewing that is more authentic or more true; the beauty of beer is in its ability to take as many forms as there are people who drink it.