Beer Beyond Barley

Delicious beer made with ancient grains. Naturally gluten free.

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Everyone should get to drink great beer

That’s why we started exploring gluten-free alternatives to traditional brewing ingredients. Along the way, we discovered a huge spectrum of amazing flavors—we can’t wait to share them with you!

Naturally gluten free

Beer doesn’t need gluten, so why use it? We brew exclusively with ingredients that are naturally gluten free so that everyone can enjoy our beers (more info here).

Climate-resilient brewing

Climate change is affecting agriculture worldwide, and the beer industry is no exception. Our recipes draw upon a wide range of crops, many of which are drought-resistant and can be adapted to our changing world.

Ancient grains with big flavor

Beer is dominated by barley for historical reasons, but there are a lot of flavor reasons to explore other grains. From quinoa to millet to buckwheat and beyond, we bring you a unique and delicious taste experience.

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